About Me

The artwork you are enjoying was created by Dawn Lundquist to express her personal feeling of the incredible beauty of Hawaii. She captures the majesty and tranquility of the ocean and its many moods, the serenity of the green velvet mountains, once so awesome in their volcanic fury, the dawns and sunsets that open and close each day.

Dawn began her art career as a teenager, and a young mother in Boulder, Colorado. Immersed in pottery, sculpture, paper maché, and living in Laguna Beach, California, she was inspired to paint by the supreme marine artist, Anton Gutnecth.

Mostly self-taught, she has been fortunate to be mentored and or inspired by William De Shazo, Anthony Casay, Stephen Sands and Joyce Clark. You will find her work in several hundred private and public collections worldwide, and in fine art galleries throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Dawn is a multifaceted person who has reached pinnacles in, not one, but four careers; i.e., real estate investor; C.E.O. of a million dollar corporation; published author; and her now chosen career, fine artist. Her 20 years in Hawaii have served as a healing experience, She loves to share her experiences through her art.


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